Mindful Eating to Manage Your Weight in 3 Simple Steps

With Dr Jen Nash (CPsychol, AFBPsS, DClinPsy, BSc) Chartered Psychologist | taught by Dr Jen Nash
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Did you know there are over 30 reasons why you eat, and hunger is just one of them? This programme is here to help with the other 29!

Taught by Dr Jen Nash (CPsychol, AFBPsP, DClinPsy, BSc) Chartered Psychologist and recovered emotional eater, you will discover the 3 Simple Steps to Mindful Eating so you can manage your weight with ease, without punishing diet or exercise plans.

Using Dr Jen's tried and tested mindset approach, in just 5 minutes a day you'll discover your hidden 'Eating Story' - the thoughts and feelings about food and eating that are sabotaging your efforts. You'll gain new strategies to overcome old habits with ease.

Whilst traditional weight management advice teaches you 'what' to eat and 'how much' to eat, Dr Jen's programme will give you the missing piece to your weight management jigsaw - the 'why' behind your eating decisions.

So begin today to get control of your eating and your weight with the most underused muscle in your weight management journey - your mind!

Here are just a few of our Success Stories, join us now and achieve YOUR success, very soon!

  • “Thanks to your wise words, inspiration and motivation, I have managed to release my 'inner slimmer', and have lost 17 lbs so far. I am so grateful.” Denise
  • “€œI tried just one of the strategies and have been eating much less as a result. In the last 2 months my weight has decreased and my weight is in the healthy category for the first time I can remember!” Adam
  • "This programme has really profoundly changed my view of weight and particularly dieting. I can't say that I never slip up and even occasionally have the panic feeling of 'I need to control my eating'. The amazing change is that these are now fleeting thoughts and I'm quickly able to shift to more helpful ones like 'what is this eating really about?' Or to remind myself of how I've managed a particular situation successfully in the past. I've picked up so many really useful tools from and amazingly I am actually using them!. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this programme. I know it must have been a phenomenal amount of work but so valuable to so many people" Roberta
  • “Using Dr Jen€’s approach helped me to understand how my eating habits had formed and that I DID have the power to change them.” Hannah
  • “If you want to look at how and why you eat Dr Jen looks at things from a really simple, no blame perspective. I have a much clearer understanding of why I eat and a certain knowledge that it’s normal, natural and something I shouldn’t beat myself up about it.” Harriet
  • “I would like to say thank you so much for putting together such a fantastic programme. It couldn’t have been any better in terms of clarity and is incredibly comprehensive. It’s really helped me.” Erica
  • “€œI’m going to miss the plan when we come to the end! Thank you so much for your easy way of chatting, It’s very appealing.”€ Sandra
  • “I €am learning SO MUCH and finally tuning into my feelings and actions regarding food. I am becoming so aware for the first time in my life about my feelings behind eating. And, I am encouraged…because as I discover what I am doing….I feel that I am now equipped for the battle…what was a battle…and now, I understand it is only feelings misplaced. Your work is just wonderful and thank you for creating the programme.” Elsa
  • “€œI have finally managed to suss out the stress that makes me eat….despite years of food obsession I have never worked that out before I used your programme!” Deborah
  • “Before working through the program I was struggling with my weight; nothing seemed to make any difference in practice and my motivation levels had reached an all-time low. By following Dr Jen’s advice I was able to let go of the guilt that overwhelmed me and formulate a plan which was unique to me and my situation. I discovered that I did have motivation: the subtle ways in which I was subconsciously sabotaging myself; how to set goals that worked for me; what my triggers are and how to work with well-meaning family and friends who were unintentionally helping to undermine my efforts without causing offence. It was such a relief to be able to do all this in an atmosphere which for once did not make me feel that I was being judged as a lazy, rebellious, failure.“The most important Ah Ha! moment for me was when it finally sank in that if I ate too much at a meal or in between or failed to exercise one day, then it did not mean I had to throw in the towel, beat myself up or overeat because I'd failed anyway and wait to start again next Monday.€™ Instead I could work out why it happened, adjust if necessary, chalk it up to experience, and move on. The course was worth it for this discovery alone and I would recommend the course to anyone who has struggled with their weight for the insights it gives you about yourself and dieting and most importantly because if you put this knowledge into practice it works.” Andrea
  • “Dr Jen has helped me get to the bottom of a variety of core beliefs that have been unhelpful to me in the past, that have impacted my eating behaviour in the here and now. Since working with Jen, I am more comfortable with being my real self instead of trying to live up to others expectations and that I can live life much more on my terms.” Katie
  • “Dr Jen’s open and authentic approach helped me pick through my past and formulate a plan for dealing with food in the here and now.” Gary
  • "This programme gave me the support and structure to start to notice and delve deeper into those thoughts and feelings about food that I didn't even realise were there or I just thought were 'me[ and couldn't or shouldn't be changed. Thank you!" Sarah
  • "I find that I have developed a more 'normal' relationship with food and I have really enjoyed the gentle approach that Dr Jen provides". Geeta
  • "I have enjoyed Dr Jen's style of information sharing as it gives me the flexibility to engage at a time and pace suited to my personal situation which varies so much with all my other commitments. I am delighted with the content and information given within the programme" Buki
  • "I understand much more about why I overeat, even though I may have a generally healthy diet, I still find it difficult to lose weight. I have also started thinking about habits, one habit is that if I am out shopping and call for a coffee somewhere, it always has to be accompanied by food of some description, so the programme is helping me break this habit. I am less harsh with myself about my attitude to food, and I find this makes if much more relaxed about it. Thank you" Caroline
  • "I have found the programme very helpful as it has changed my attitude towards eating. Before starting the programme I felt guilty all the time about food, now I feel much more positive and hopeful" Valerie
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Dr Jen Nash
Dr Jen Nash
Clinical Psychologist